About Us

Truly Mortgage exists to make home financing an easily accessible, responsibly efficient and transparent process. We will accomplish this by using the best technology, the smartest people and treating our customers with respect and honesty. We will work every day towards achieving and maintaining that level of care.

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Who We Are

Truly Mortgage is a division of AmeriFirst Financial, Inc. We are headquartered in the Phoenix Arizona area with local offices throughout the states we operate. We are a privately held company with more than years lending experience and hundreds of employees. We have closed more than loans for customers at all stages of life. Whether buying their first home, their tenth or refinancing; we have experienced every customer situation and scenario.

All of our lending operations are done ‘in-house’, which means the entire loan process from underwriting your application to funding your loan are performed by our employees and resources. We employ hundreds of mortgage professionals with decades of home lending experience. We believe technology and the internet improve the experience, but our employees make us truly exceptional.

What is Truly Mortgage

Truly Mortgage was started with the singular focus of improving the home lending process. Historically, getting a mortgage was a very traditional process highlighted by low technology and manual processes. This traditional process created an inefficient, time consuming, unsatisfying and ultimately expensive experience. If you have been around long enough, you remember that booking travel used to be a very manual, time consuming process. Today you can handle every travel detail on your mobile phone while sitting in traffic.

At Truly, we wanted to add technology to eliminate inefficiencies and allow our customers to choose how to interact with us. By eliminating inefficiencies we are able to offer the same mortgage products and customer focus, but at better prices and rates. The technology makes it possible, only if you prefer, for an entirely ‘online’ lending experience by interacting through our web based applications. Truly also helps many customers entirely in person and phone. Our goal is to give you options.

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